Freak storms cause damage in Carinthia

Freak storms cause damage in Carinthia
Trees were uprooted in Klagenfurt. Photo: Hiebaum/ORF
Parts of Carinthia in the south of Austria were hit by freak thunder and hail storms on Wednesday night, exactly a week after massive hailstones injured several people in the province.

In the Villach and St. Veit areas substantial damage was caused by the storm, with fallen trees blocking roads. The hailstorms were slightly smaller than last week’s but still big enough to cause damage.

Firefighter crews were called out to around 200 locations in the province to clear fallen trees and flooded cellars – around half of those in the capital, Klagenfurt.

In Gegendtal several cars were buried under fallen trees. An entire forest clearing was uprooted close to the Kastral Landstrasse (L38). One 47-year-old woman who was caught in the storm and parked her car at the side of the road was lucky to escape uninjured after several trees fell on her vehicle.

A family of four who were driving towards Puch were also hit by fallen trees but were not injured. The L38 road was later closed to traffic to avoid any accidents.

Power lines were downed by falling trees around the village of Kras. The roof of an apartment building in Maria Saal was struck by lightning and caught fire. Firefighters said that all 11 residents were evacuated to safety and the fire was extinguished within half an hour. 

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