Firefighters rescue ‘Santa cat’ from chimney

16 firemen were called to the aid of a cat in Vienna who had “been playing at Santa Claus” and got stuck in a chimney.

Firefighters rescue 'Santa cat' from chimney
In a tight spot. Photo: MA 68 Lichtbildstelle

Minki was rescued on Tuesday afternoon and reunited with her owner, after being pulled unharmed from the chimney.

A spokesman for Vienna firefighters, Christian Feiler, joked that Minki was obviously “on Santa’s trail”. Rather than being annoyed that the feline had wasted his team’s time, he said that it had given them a good opportunity to practise using aerial ladders and heavy equipment in a tight space.

The cat managed to creep unnoticed out of her owner’s apartment on Monday afternoon and was spotted by neighbours sunning herself on the rooftop of the building in Donaustadt. At some point she lost her footing and slipped down a chimney flue, becoming stuck.

Firefighters were able to get her out by opening up a trapdoor that led into the chimney.


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