Refugees join Tyrol’s storm damage clean-up

A group of 100 asylum seekers have volunteered to help the clear-up operation after heavy rain and storms caused devastation in Sellrain and See in Tyrol.

Refugees join Tyrol's storm damage clean-up
Photo: ATV

Since Monday hundreds of firefighters, 250 soldiers, scores of Red Cross volunteers and police have been working hard to clear the flood damage.

A total of 3,000 people have been involved in the clean-up, with people coming from across Tyrol and Carinthia to shovel mud and clear debris and fallen trees.

From next week a group of around 100 asylum seekers from local refugee centres have said they will be joining the volunteers and want to extend a helping hand to people affected by the flooding.

Local aid organisations, as well as Caritas and Tyrol family firm MPreis are collecting money for the relief effort.

Caritas Tirol has made emergency aid of €400,000 available for families who were affected by the storms. 

Anyone who wants to offer assistance or donations is asked to get in touch with the department for civil protection – email [email protected] or telephone 0512 / 508-2262 (during office hours).

Tyrol state governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) said the total damage amounts to around €30 million. 




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Austria heading into a rainy and cooler weekend after heatwave peak

After the heatwave reached its peak on Thursday with temperatures of up to 37C, the hot weather will subside (but not by much) as Austria gets showers and thunderstorms.

Austria heading into a rainy and cooler weekend after heatwave peak

Austria is experiencing one of the hottest summers in history and the effects of the hot and dry days can be seen all over the country.

From dried-out lakes to forest fires, the pictures showcasing the extreme weather’s impact are strong. The current heatwave, with temperatures above 30C every day since Saturday, August 13th, is set to peak this Thursday..

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Still, it seems there will be some relief as the Austrian meteorologic agency ZAMG forecasts rainfall for the coming days in the country.

It starts on Thursday, with rain and thunderstorms forecast for western Austria, though temperatures are still high and the east, including Vienna, is less likely to see rain today.

From Friday, though, rain and thunderstorms are expected for the entire country, with extreme weather for strong winds and storms. Early temperatures will stay between 14C and 24C, but maximum temperatures in the west, where it should rain all day long, will often be around 20C.

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In the east though, the sunniest locations could see the mercury rise to 35C.

On Saturday, early temperatures will be between 13C to 21C while daily maximum temperatures stay between 20C to 28C, with the east of Austria again seeing less rain and higher temperatures.

On Sunday, central regions of the country are likely to experience some rainfall, but by the afternoon most clouds will clear and showers will subside. Early morning temperatures will be between 11C and 20C, but will rise to between 22C to 28C later on in the day.

The weather will generally be sunny and dry next week, ZAMG reports. Daily maximum temperatures will be between 23C to 28C, according to the weather institute.

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What’s the weather going to be like in Vienna?

Friday will still be sunny and hot in Vienna, though the probability of showers and storms will increase near the evening hours. Daily maximum temperatures are around 33C.

Saturday morning is forecast to be rainy, but the skies will clear slightly during the day. Maximum temperatures will be around 26C.

On Sunday, some clouds still be present, which could lead to light rain, ZAMG says. Maximum daytime temperatures continue at 26C.