Be my Denglisch Valentine, Liebling

Be my Denglisch Valentine, Liebling
Photo: Colin Smith/Wikimedia. Valentine by Sabine Devins.
Sometimes, one language alone just doesn't have the right words to express your feelings. Denglisch and The Local are here to help tell that special someone just how you feel. The Local's Sabine Devins has prepared a wonderful set of pre-made Denglisch Valentine's day cards, to share your cross-cultural love.

They say German isn't a romantic language, but when you write it Comic Sans and add some English words, the effect is truly magical.  And if your Valentine's plea works, you might appreciate our advice on dating an Austrian.

We're not asking anything more than to for someone to go eat a Frikadelle (a German meatball) together. 

No one wants to be a lonely Kaiser roll on February 14. 

All we ask is for a great big smooch!

Well, dogs say "wau" regardless of the holiday, but it's also what "wow" sounds like when a German says it. 

Frederick the Great (or Friedrich der Grosse as he's known here) just wants to share the love. 

Now tell the Germanophile in your life how you feel! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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