Women used ‘rape drug’ to rob men

Two female robbers who knocked their victims out with a date rape drug have been sentenced to five and four years in prison by Vienna’s Criminal Court.

A 25-year-old woman and her 37-year-old accomplice cruised bars to pick up men, drugged them with a powerful sedative, and then stole their valuables.

They had been robbing men in Vienna since 2012. They preyed on men who had had too much to drink and appeared to have a large sum of money with them.

They lured their victims away from bars with the promise of sex, went back to their homes with them, and slipped the date rape drug into their drink. Once their victim had passed out they took valuables such as laptops, mobile phones, jewellery and cash.

The younger woman was identified as the main culprit, and was found guilty of carrying out six robberies. Her older accomplice, the sister of her partner, was found guilty of four robberies.

In a few of the robberies the women picked up men in betting shops, where they were playing arcade games. They would buy the man a drink and then invite him to have sex in the toilet – where they would steal his cash as soon as his trousers were down.

In one case a young man was robbed of €1,000 in this way. “By the time I realized what was happening my wallet was gone and so was the woman,” one victim said.

Both women grew up in poverty in Slovakia, and said that their sole motivation for the crimes was to make money. 

"I don’t have a job so I tried to make money as a prostitute," the 25-year-old told the judge. However, as her clients would only pay her €20 or €30 for sex, she came up with the idea of drugging them and then taking their money.

The women were arrested after their DNA was found on cigarettes and glasses in the mens' apartments. In one case, one of the women even left her shoes behind.

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