Dangerous storms over Austria from Thursday

The Austrian Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) has warned of dangerous storms which will cover much of the country beginning on Thursday night, and continuing on Friday.

Dangerous storms over Austria from Thursday
Photo: ZAMG

Extensive damage and localized flooding is expected, as well as dangerous driving conditions and high winds.  Motorists are especially advised to beware of black ice.

The period of bad weather will be followed by unseasonably warm conditions on Saturday, with temperatures expected to rise to 14 degrees Centigrade.

The following message was published by the Security and Safety Service of the United Nations Office in Vienna:

This is to inform staff and delegates that Austrian authorities are expecting storms with strong winds up to 110 km/h in the area of Vienna and Lower Austria starting late tonight, Thursday, 08 January 2015, and lasting through Sunday, 11 January 2015. 

Please see attached link for further information:

Staff and delegates are advised to take the following precautions:

a) do not park your car under or close to trees, scaffolding or other objects which may collapse or fall over;

b) limit your driving to the essential, since traffic jams are likely to occur and there may be fallen items and debris on the roads;

c) be extra careful when opening the door of your vehicle, due to strong winds;

d) take care when carrying large items of little weight;

e) stay indoors if possible and beware of flying objects and unstable structures;

f) make sure you have a battery powered means of illumination as power outages may occur;

g) have your mobile phone batteries fully charged; 

h) ensure that all objects on your balcony/terrace and in your garden are fixed and secure;

i) if your windows are equipped with rolling shutters, close them; 

j) have your first aid kit ready to treat minor injuries and make sure those requiring medication have a supply to last the weekend.


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