Two-year old trapped in ice-cold car

Two-year old trapped in ice-cold car
Photo: Volunteer Fire Brigade Hart
A two-year-old boy locked himself in a car in sub-zero temperatures for more than an hour on Sunday night.

The little boy locked himself inside the car while his mother's keys were still inside it – leaving her trapped outside in the small village of Leonding, near Linz in Upper Austria.

The boy's desperate mother called the police, who together with the Red Cross, the local fire brigade and the Austrian automobile association, worked for more than an hour to free the toddler from the car in freezing temperatures.

Finally, the combined forces were able to break into the vehicle, and were able to reunite the two-year-old boy with his distraught mother.  

During the operation, they entertained the youngster with a doll, so as not to frighten him.

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