Graz man impersonates cops in his Porsche

Graz man impersonates cops in his Porsche
Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Photo: 3268zauber/Wikimedia
A German traveling on the Inntalautobahn in his Porsche Cayenne called the police when he was trailed by another Porsche Cayenne with a blue flashing light.
Normally, the correct procedure when you see a blue flashing light in your mirror is to pull over, however something seemed off about this 'police car'.
For a start, most police personnel aren't given Porsche Cayennes to drive — and secondly, if they do, it's unlikely that they have a luggage box sitting on their roof.
When police caught up with the Styrian fake cop in the town of Wörgl, they discovered a 51-year-old Graz man, who admitted that he had installed the blue light so that he could avoid being delayed by motorists who were in his opinion traveling too slow.
The impatient Grazer now faces several charges, including impersonating a police officer and coercion.

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