Top ten list of unusual locations for sex

Top ten list of unusual locations for sex
Wherever you choose, it's a good idea to use one of these. Photo: APA (dpa)
A recent poll of Austrian women conducted by the affairs web portal Victoria Milan has identified the unusual locations where Austrian women fantasize about having a fling.
Almost a quarter of Austrian women dream about having sex in an elevator or other public places, according to the survey.
The site concludes that 'plain vanilla' sex in the bedroom could be a motivation for infidelity, says the portal.
The survey shows that the second favourite location for a night of hot passion is the office (18 percent), while third position is the locker room (14 percent.) 
The survey lists the top ten locations as follows:
1. In an elevator
2. In the office
3. In a changing room
4. In a hotel
5. In a plane
6. In a train
7. In a car
8. On a beach
9. In the great outdoors
10. In a movie theater

Only 19 percent of those polled said they wouldn't want to have sex in a different location than the bedroom.

Surprisingly, none of the women polled suggested they wanted to make love in a church.

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