Teacher sues pupil for tripping her up

Teacher sues pupil for tripping her up
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An Austrian teacher is suing one of her pupils for €1,700, claiming that he tripped her up on purpose in the classroom, causing serious bruising, pain and suffering.

The teacher, who works in a school in east Tyrol, said she was unable to return to work for several weeks after the incident.

She was collecting folders from students during an art class when she tripped over the 14-year-old boy’s outstretched legs, and fell to the floor.

The boy’s parents have said that the requested sum is ridiculous, and that the boy’s classmates are willing to testify that he didn’t trip the teacher on purpose.

He claims that he had stretched out his legs before she came near to his desk, and was busy drawing. Classmates said that he even tried to move his legs out of her way as she approached him.

The boy’s lawyer, Gerhard Seirer, said that he was known for being a well-behaved pupil and that the teacher’s claim that he had intentionally tripped her up was “defamatory”.

The case will go to court again in mid-February.

So far legal costs are around €2,000, and the case is likely to get more expensive the longer it takes to reach an agreement. Whoever loses the case will be liable for the costs.

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