Sheriff stops steamy sauna shenanigans

Things have been heating up a little too much in Austria's Linz Parkbad sauna during the past few weeks, with several complaints of frisky naked couples getting intimate in the steam room.

Sheriff stops steamy sauna shenanigans
We're reasonably sure the canoodling couples weren't this good looking. Photo: Shutterstock

As a result of the complaints, sauna authorities have decided to summon a sauna sheriff.  The 'naked police' will now be conducting regular checks to ensure that guests don't lose their inhibitions while losing their clothes, according to a report in the Austrian news daily Heute.

According to the sauna bosses, staff are so busy looking after guests' needs, they don't have the time to be constantly monitoring the saucy antics of sauna-going couples, most of whom are men. 

Therefore, Linz AG, the operator of the Parkbad sauna in Upper Austria, has decided to hire undercover security staff who will mingle naked with the other guests, and put a stop to any undesirable intimacy in the confines of the sauna.

Apparently, the 'naked police' have already scored several successes, with four visitors being caught having sweaty sauna sex in the past week.  The two couples were immediately banned from visiting the sauna again.

A similar event in Schaller Bach by a frisky Slovak couple in the sauna there led to the ejection of two guests back in October.

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