Austrian fined €100 for eating kebab

Austrian fined €100 for eating kebab
Tasty... but pricey. File photo: APA
A takeaway kebab after a night out turned out to an expensive snack for a 19-year-old Austrian in Wiener Neustadt after he was fined €100 for “obstructing pedestrians” at 3am.

Lukas S. had popped into a Turkish takeaway in the Lower Austrian town’s main square to get a bite to eat and sat down on the pavement outside to enjoy his kebab.

“Two stern policemen happened to be passing by and they told me I was getting in the way of pedestrians and took down my details. The square was deserted.”

"I thought at first I was eating too fast and they were going to give me a speeding ticket,” Lukas S. jokingly told the Heute newspaper.

Three weeks later he received a fine in the post for €100, for “eating a kebab snack whilst sitting and thus impeding pedestrians.”

He did however find the meaty fine a little hard to swallow. He appealed against it and it was reduced to €60. “I paid up but it certainly left a sour taste,” Lukas said.


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