Son lived one week with mother’s corpse

Son lived one week with mother's corpse
The apartments in Strasshof where the body was found. Photo: APA/Punz
Police are looking for a 22-year-old man from Lower Austria who is suspected of having killed his mother and then lived with her corpse in their apartment for a week before fleeing.

Neighbours of the dead woman, Sabine W (43), and her son Stefan said that the family lived an isolated life in Strasshof, but had never been seen arguing. They appeared to be very close, and were both unemployed.

The petite 43-year-old woman was murdered in early September. Her body was found with numerous knife wounds in her neck, and it is believed she was stabbed from behind.

The last time she was seen alive was in late August. After her sister tried calling her several times and got no answer she alerted the police.

When police came to the apartment in Albert-Sever street they noticed a bad smell in the hallway and then discovered Sabine W’s body wrapped in blankets and plastic sheeting, hidden inside a sofa-bed in the living room.

They believe the decomposing body had been in the apartment for three weeks, but think that Stefan only left the home two weeks ago. On September 8th he withdrew all his money from his bank account, packed his things and drove his mother’s car to Vienna airport. It’s not clear if he actually boarded a plane and left the country.

There is now an international arrest warrant out for him.

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