Rare mushroom found in Carinthia

A group of researchers from the Graz Joanneum University of Applied Sciences has discovered an extremely rare matsutake mushroom in a forest in the Koralpe in Carinthia.

Only five matsutake mushrooms have been found in Austria. They are highly sought after and prized by the Japanese and Chinese for their distinct spicy-aromatic smell.

In Japan, early season matsutake, which are the highest grade, can sell for up to €1,500 per kilogram.

The Graz team recognized the mushroom immediately. "It exudes a special, sweet and intoxicating scent," expedition leader Gernot Friebes said.

It is now being examined at Graz University, and will be cut up, dried and stored as a specimen.

"It is proof that this mushroom can be found here, and will be studied for scientific purposes," Friebes said. 

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