‘Batman’ spotted on Vienna’s rooftops

'Batman' spotted on Vienna's rooftops
Photo: Alex Schauer/Stefan Sietzen
A young parkour aficionado was spotted recently, hurling himself off rooftops above the streets of Vienna, dressed as the popular character Batman from comics and movies.

Sadly, the 'caped crusader' hasn't relocated to Vienna from brooding Gotham City.  Instead, a 19-year-old man offers the next best thing, by dressing as the super hero, and leaping around like the world's greatest detective, in a masterful demonstration of the art of parkour.

His secret identity was revealed – it's not Bruce Wayne, but rather Viennese athlete Alex Schauer, who was chosen this week as one of 11 participants in the Red Bull Art of Motion, a competition in October in Greece for free-runners around the world.

Schauer was pleased to be selected join ten other parkour exponents, in order to show them what he can do.  

 "I am one of eleven nominees.  It's all about finding on a particular course the best way with the most elegant movements," he said.

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