Austria is runner-up in calorie consumption

Austria is runner-up in calorie consumption
Photo: Sean MacEntee/Creative Commons
Austria is usually considered to be a very healthy country, so it may come as a surprise to discover that Austrians consume the second greatest number of calories on a daily basis, just behind world champions USA.

Based on research from website, the USA leads the world with average daily consumption of 3,770 calories, followed closely by Austria with an estimated 3,760 – the difference being 10 calories, or around three cherry tomatoes.

In third place is Italy, with 3,660 calories.

Forty per cent of Austrians between 18 and 65 are considered to be overweight, while eleven per cent of those overweight meet the definition of obesity.


Austrians generally have a healthy life compared to most Americans, with a lot more outdoor activities, walking and cycling being popular in the Central European country.

According to a Forbes magazine ranking in 2007, Austria is number 52 in the world in terms of obesity, with 57.1 percent of adults (aged 15 or over) being considered overweight according to their Body Mass Index (BMI.)

This gap between calorie consumption leadership and lagging performance in obesity could perhaps be offset by a more active lifestyle.

In the ranking of the world's fattest countries, the USA only just makes the top ten, with 74.1 percent of its adults being considered overweight – well behind such heavyweights as Nauru with 94 percent, and Micronesia and the Cook Islands with 91 and 90 percent respectively.

According to experts, the primary causes of excessive weight are urbanization, fast food, little exercise and stressful jobs.

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