Abandoned baby hedgehogs rescued

A dog who was being walked by his owner in Hohenau, Lower Austria found two abandoned baby hedgehogs who had been left in a Styrofoam box in an alley.

Abandoned baby hedgehogs rescued
A hoglet being held - and the box the pair were found in. Photo: Dechanthof

The dog’s owner took the hoglets to the Dechanthof animal shelter, where they are now being cared for. “We’re not really trained to take care of wild animals but we’re getting some help with these ones,” a carer from Dechanthof said.

Baby hedgehogs found out of their nest in the daytime, with their eyes and ears still shut, have lost their mother and are in urgent need of help.

It is not recommended that you try and hand-feed the hoglets at home as they need specialist knowledge, time, and patience – instead take them to an animal rescue centre.

A hedgehog is known in German as der Igel.

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