‘Roofer’ scales Vienna’s Votivkirche

A so-called ‘roofer’ climbed to the top of one of the Votive Church’s 100 metre high towers in Vienna on Thursday morning.

'Roofer' scales Vienna's Votivkirche
The 'roofer' at the top of the Votive Church. Photo: APA/Martin Schöpfer

A witness said that he had used scaffolding to climb part way up the neo-Gothic building but then scaled the rest unassisted, and without any climbing equipment.

It took about an hour for him to climb back down, and although someone had called the police they didn’t arrive until after he had his feet back on the pavement and had disappeared.

The climber, believed to be from Ukraine, was wearing a t-shirt that had a Ukrainian symbol on, of a Tryzub, or trident. It's not clear if he was trying to make a political point. 

Social media analysis shows that the daredevil goes by the name of Mustang Wanted.

Additional images of his exploits are on his webpage.

Closeup of the Roofer, apparently taken as a 'selfie.'  Photo: Mustang Wanted

‘Roofing’ was made popular by a group of Russians. People climb to the top of skyscrapers, bridges, chimneys and other man-made constructions, and then take photos or video to document their achievements.

Roofers rarely seek permission, and run the risk of being arrested. Some climb alone, others in groups.

The Votive Church is on the Ringstrasse in Vienna's 9th district

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