Grave had been dug in failed murder plot

Grave had been dug in failed murder plot
Police symbol. File photo: APA/Newald
After an international money laundering ring run by two Chechen families was busted by the Vienna State Criminal Investigation Department two weeks ago, members of the family clan swore they would get revenge on those who had dishonoured them.

According to a report in the Kurier newspaper, Adam U. (45) allegedly plotted to kill one of the suspected money launderers, for bringing shame on the family.

He is accused of hiring 38-year-old Vazrail A. to do the job. However, as their target was still in custody, awaiting trial for money laundering, the two men apparently spent their time preparing for the murder.

They bought a small truck, allegedly to transport the body, and dug a hole in a wooded area in Simmering, Vienna. This is where the prosecution says they planned to bury the body.

However, the intended victim’s pre-trial detention ended earlier than expected, something which probably saved his life.

He then learned from other family members that there was a plot to kill him. He immediately contacted the police, who were able to find sufficient evidence to arrest the two men. They are now in custody in Josefstadt prison.

The man who was the target of the murder plot must still stand trial for money laundering.

Five members of a Chechen family were arrested in the police’s investigation into money laundering. The main suspect, her ex-husband, her mother and two of her siblings are suspected of having failed to declare jewellery they imported to Austria, and bringing in the gems disguised as clothing orders from Turkey.

The jewellery was sold in a shop belonging to one of the suspects. The families are believed to have avoided import taxes amounting to several hundred thousand euros.


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