Vienna is Austria’s bike theft capital

Vienna is Austria's bike theft capital
Cyclists are advised to use a U-Lock, which is more secure than a chain or cable. Photo: APA/Fohringer
Bike thefts are increasing in Vienna - with an average of 25 bicycles stolen every day.

In 2012 police registered 8,922 bike thefts, and in 2013 that number increased by 464.

Once your bike has been stolen, it’s unlikely you’ll get it back. Police say that they only manage to recover 3.8 percent of stolen bikes.

Aggrieved bicycle owners have set up their own Facebook group – Stolen Bikes Vienna – where people can post a photo and description of their stolen cycle.

Many stolen bikes end up on online classifieds portals but police spokesman Roman Hahslinger warns against trying to retrieve the bike yourself and recommends contacting the police if you believe your bike has been listed for sale online.

Police advise cyclists to invest in a secure U-Lock, rather than a cable lock which can be easily cut. Always lock your bike frame against a secure object (not a pole which can be moved or lifted) and don’t always lock your bike at the same bike rack.

Police also recommend making a note of your frame number and photographing your bike, which will increase the chances of it being found if it does get stolen.

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