Die Partei leader wants to set up Austrian party

Die Partei leader wants to set up Austrian party
Martin Sonneborn. Photo: Alexander Klink (Wikipedia)
Martin Sonneborn, founder of the German spoof political party Die Partei which recently won a seat in the European Parliament, has said he plans to set up an offshoot of his party in Austria.

Die Partei was formed in 2004, the brainchild of Sonneborn and his colleagues at the German satirical magazine Titanic.

The party's name is a play on words, since the German for "Party" is Partei, and their manifesto is just as tongue-in-cheek.

Sonneborn told ORF radio that he plans to set up the Austrian branch on October 26th, and believes that there is a great deal of potential for his "populist and completely meaningless" movement which has an “obvious will to power ".

Key policies of Die Partei include building a wall around Germany to protect against globalization, restricting managers' wages to a mere 25,000 times that of their employees, banning all pub crawls, and commissioning scientists to cross the German tax system with string theory to make it more complicated.

The Partei has attracted attention in Germany by publicly protesting against allowing tourists into the country – satirizing the views of far-right groups on immigration and terrorism.

Sonneborn wants to introduce a “weapons curvature directive” which would mean any weapons exported from the EU must have a curvature of between two and ten centimetres. So far his proposal has met with more rejection than approval.

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