Burgenland police smash drug ring

Burgenland police smash drug ring
Photo: APA (Archiv/Hochmuth)
Burgenland narcotics investigators arrested three men on Thursday in Vienna and Mistelbach in Lower Austria that are believed to have grown and sold cannabis in the past eight months worth €170,000.
They first arrested a 45-year-old Viennese man for drug dealing, who then fingered a 36-year-old accomplice, who in turn turned in a 47-year-old man from Lower Austria as a grower, police said on Friday. 
Through drug users, investigators were able to track down the first suspect.  After executing a search warrant at the home of 45-year-old, the officers found 1.45 kilograms of dried cannabis flowers, and more than €5,000 in cash, reported the National Police Directorate of Burgenland. 
In addition, the suspected drug traffickers had a prohibited weapon in the form of a baton. 
When the police went to the apartment of his 36-year-old alleged accomplice, they discovered in the apartment around 2,000 pieces of rifle ammunition, a pistol, a rifle with silencer and €33,000.
The second suspect then revealed the named of a third accomplice.  In the house of the 47-year-old Lower Austrian man investigators discovered in the basement a growing facility with 77 cannabis plants.
The prosecution has asked a judge to remand all three suspects in custody while a case is prepared.

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