Pez sends supply of sweets to Norwegian boy

A Norwegian boy with autism and a rare neurodevelopmental disorder has been sent a year’s supply of his favourite Hello Kitty Pez sweets by the Austrian company after his father searched for them via Facebook.

Pez sends supply of sweets to Norwegian boy
Markus Dalsveen, 7, can now look forward to his favourite sweets again. Photo: Private

Markus is seven and suffers from Williams Syndrome, which means he has learning problems, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and phobias, He also suffers from an eating disorder, which makes him very selective about his food.

He was so upset that his favourite Hello Kitty Fizzy Hearts were no longer available in Norway that his father, Trond Dalsveen, appealed on Facebook to see if anyone could send him some – and his message finally came to the attention of Austria’s cult Pez brand.

"We really are overwhelmed by Pez’s offer to help our son! This will help us a lot and Markus will be so happy," Trond Dalsveen told The Local.

The design of the Hello Kitty boxes has changed since they were sold in Norway – which is an issue for Markus, but Pez are specially reprinting boxes with the old design just for him.

“Anytime he needs them Markus will be able to get a new order of goodies from us, a lifetime’s supply,” said Pez Marketing Director Gabriele Hofinger.

Trond Dalsveen's Facebook appeal.  Photo courtesy: Trond Dalsveen

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Man in Austria fined 500 euros for deliberate ‘massive flatulence’

Austrian police fined a man 500 euros for loudly breaking wind after officers stopped him earlier this month to check his identity.

Man in Austria fined 500 euros for deliberate 'massive flatulence'

The police defended the massive fine saying he had deliberately emitted a “massive flatulence,” lifting his backside from the bench where he was sitting.

The accused complained of what he called the disproportionate and unjustified fine when he gave his account of the June 5 events on the O24 news website.

In reply to social media commentaries that followed, the police in the Austrian capital justified their reaction on Twitter.

“Of course, nobody is put on the spot if one slips out by accident,” the police said.

However, in this case, the police said, the young man had appeared “provocative and uncooperative” in general.

He then “slightly raised himself from the bench, looked at the officers and patently, in a completely deliberate way, emitted a massive flatulence in their immediate proximity.”

The police said the man can challenge the fine in the legal system.