Bundt cake brazenly taken from supermarket

Bundt cake brazenly taken from supermarket
This is not the cake that was stolen, but it probably is similar. Photo: Kouglof/CC
RegioNews reports on a suspected theft in Linz on Wednesday. A local man went into a supermarket, and stole a Bundt cake.
A cashier in a supermarket in Linz caught the shoplifter in the act.  The man was spotted grabbing the Bundt cake, and a non-alcoholic soda beverage, and passed through the check-out without paying for either item.
The cashier called the police, giving them a physical description of the suspected perpetrator.  The 48-year-old man was arrested a short time later, still in possession of the stolen cake and soda.
When confronted with the alleged criminal, the store clerk made a positive identification.
The man was then arrested, and has been transported to the police detention center of Linz.  After consultation with the Linz prosecutor's office, the man has been released.
Better known to Austrians as a 'Gugelhupf', this is a large confection of marble-cake with a distinctive ring or 'torus' shape.
According to informed sources, the cake is usually eaten with coffee, during coffee breaks, and not with a soda.

This is an example of the Czech version known as bábovka.  Photo: Petr Brož

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