Brit tourists awake to naked man in room

Brit tourists awake to naked man in room
File photo: APA/Hochmuth
Two British tourists were woken up by a naked man in their room late at night in a hotel in Krems on the weekend.
It was a clear case of naked fear, when the pair, aged 23 and 25, were surprised to find a 44-year-old local man standing in their hotel room, wearing only a broad smile, according to a report in the news daily Heute.
The man fled when both the British citizens started yelling.  Police were able to trace the man based on his description, and were surprised when he admitted under interrogation to illegally entering their room.
"Yes, I snuck into the hotel to surprise young women," he said.
The man was arrested, and will likely be charged with trespass and indecent exposure.

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