Austrian Shiites dispute IGGiÖ representation

Austrian Shiites dispute IGGiÖ representation
Photo: FirasMT (Creative Commons)
A group of Shiites say they will start a court case contending that they are not represented by the publicly recognised Austrian Islamic Community (IGGiÖ).

According to the Islamic – Shiite religious community in Austria (SCHIA), the Islamic community was "misleading" the general public by calling itself the representative for all Muslims. SCHIA was asking for an injunction.

The president of the IGGiÖ, Fuat Senac, told the APA that his community never claimed to represent all Muslims.

The Islamic Community has had to defend itself in similar cases before. Last year, the Muslim Alevi minority in Austria was recognised as its own religious community.

The group, who also started a court case, accused the IGGiÖ of discriminating against them by allegedly claiming to be the sole representatives for Muslims in Austria.

Other small religious groups have filed complaints against the community as well.

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