Prisoners granted daily showers in hot weather

Not everyone is enjoying the current hot weather in Austria - almost 9,000 prisoners have been sweltering in their cells and have now been granted daily showers and plenty of juice.

Prisoners granted daily showers in hot weather
Prison cell. File photo: APA

A letter from the prison directorate to all of Austria’s 27 prison directors has instructed that on days when the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, prisoners should be allowed daily showers and plenty of juice and water.

The individual prisons will have to cover the costs.

Not everyone is pleased though, prison guards union member Siegfried König complained that it will create more work for guards. “Organising a daily shower for prisoners causes chaos,” he said.

But some guards welcomed the news, “those narrow cells get really stinky,” one told the Heute paper.

However the good news for both guards and prisoners is that the weather is forecast to get cooler over the weekend.

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