Wurm’s sculptures makes visitors act like dogs

Can a work of art happen in a minute? Austrian artist Erwin Wurm's bizarre One Minute Sculptures series is being showcased in a new exhibition at Frankfurt's Städel Museum.

Wurm's sculptures makes visitors act like dogs
Photo: APA
Visitors are encouraged to put their shoe to their ear as if it were a phone, to balance bottles between their bodies, or wait like a dog on all fours in front of the entrance to the museum. For 60 seconds the visitor becomes a living sculpture. 
Sixteen sculpture points are distributed across the museum and out into the garden. Painted or written instructions tell the visitor what she or he has to do, or where to go for 60 seconds to become a work of art. 
Städel director Max Hollein praised Wurm's work as "radical" and "subversive".
Curator Martin Engler said: "Wurm works consistently to expand our idea of what a sculpture can be when it is no longer cast in bronze or carved in marble."
Wurm himself asked visitors "not to over-emphasize the humourous side of his work."
The One Minute Sculptures series began in the late 1990s, and some of the older ideas and images are documented by the Städel Museum in photographs and videos. However some new sculptures have been created especially for the exhibition in Frankfurt, which runs until 13th July. 
Source: APA 

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