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Foreigners 'finance Austria's pension system'
Photo: Wikimedia

Foreigners living in Austria who pay social security contributions are propping up the pension system, and paying more in than they get back in terms of healthcare and benefits.

Swiss attack bouncer at Austrian nightclub
Photo: Bruno Girin/File

Group turned on bouncer after he refused them entry to the club.

Gay snog infuriates taxi driver
File Photo: Two sailors ca. 1940-1945. An image featured in the “Love and War” exhibit at the Kinsey Institute Gallery.

A taxi driver had to be restrained by cops after he attacked two gay taxi customers when they gave each other a kiss on the backseat of his car.


A new startup in Vienna aims to help homeless people by creating guided tours of the city from their perspective.

500 police to patrol Vienna for New Year
New Year's Eve celebrations in Vienna. Photo: wien.info

Security in Vienna will be high as residents and visitors gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve, after police received a warning last week of possible terror attacks during the holiday season.

Insects to be served at Ball of Sciences
One of the carniverous table settings. Photo: David Bohmann - PID

The Vienna Ball of Sciences - a relatively new fixture on Vienna’s ball scene in January - will be serving up plates of protein-rich mealworms and grasshoppers to its guests, alongside the usual fare of sausages and canapés.

Animal loving crystal heiress Fiona Swarovski is in court over allegations she kept money donated for an animal welfare charity.

Vienna is famous for its coffee house culture, which has even been recognised by Unesco as part of Austria’s cultural heritage, but many of its cafes are struggling to survive.

Shops hope to cash in on public holiday
File photo: APA

Despite Austria’s Catholic public holiday on Tuesday, celebrating the Immaculate Conception (Mariä Empfängnis), the majority of shops are expected to stay open for what could be one of the busiest shopping days in the run up to Christmas.

Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz has criticised the fact that some courses for refugees at the AMS employment service have been designed so that men and women can attend them separately.

A word which has often been used when talking about the refugee crisis in Europe has been voted the Austrian word of the year - ‘Willkommenskultur’ (culture of welcome).

Help Me, Helen

With most of the Christkindlmarkts already open in Vienna, it's time to start thinking about Christmas, if you haven't already. Marriage and Family Therapist Helen Rudinsky has advice on how to survive the festive season.

Five Austrian children of same-sex parents are taking the government to court over Austria’s marriage laws, which don’t allow gay couples to marry.

A Pakistani-Austrian author who converted from Islam to Catholicism has said that Muslims who refuse to integrate should not be able to live in Europe, and that Sharia law is being openly practised in Austria and Germany.

Austria’s population is set to grow by 60,000 people a year mainly due to immigration, according to a new report by Statistik Austria.

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