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Nude photos teacher causes a row in Linz
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Nude photos teacher causes a row in Linz

A secondary school teacher from Linz, Upper Austria, who was sacked for posing nude photos of himself on the Internet has won an unfair dismissal case and is now working in a different school. READ  

Burglars rip open and void sealed Latin exam

Burglars rip open and void sealed Latin exam

The final Latin exam for Matura students is having to be rewritten after some erudite thieves broke into a secondary school in Salzburg on Thursday night and opened an envelope containing the exam papers. READ  

Students flag up 'mould and brown water'
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Students flag up 'mould and brown water'

Students at a boarding school in Oberwart, Burgenland have started a Facebook campaign to highlight the appalling conditions they have to live with - including brown water from the taps, mould on the walls, and free-hanging electrical cables. READ  

Astrophysicists unveil Ceres riddles
An artist's impression of Dawn firing its ion engine on approach to Ceres. Photo: NASA/JPL-CALTECH

Astrophysicists unveil Ceres riddles

First classified a planet, then an asteroid and then a "dwarf planet" with some traits of a moon -- the more scientists learn about Ceres, the weirder it becomes. READ  

School 'enforces' German on its grounds

The headmistress of the Vienna Business School in Mödling, Lower Austria, has ruled that only German may be spoken on her school's premises, citing “cultural conflict with cleaning staff” as the reason behind her decision. READ  

World University Rankings

Austria misses out in university rankings

Austria's universities have failed once again to make it into a ranking of the 100 most prestigious higher education institutions worldwide. READ  

More non-native speakers in schools

The number of school pupils who are not native-German speakers has risen in Austria, despite falling student numbers. READ  

Minister calls for fines for 'integration failure'

Austria’s Foreign and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has called for migrant parents to be fined if they do not comply with school summons relating to their children - particularly in matters where children are being encouraged to integrate. READ  

Islamic school closed for 'endangering children'

A private Islamic primary school in Vienna's Brigittenau district has been shut down as the city council believes its students’ welfare was endangered, the Kurier newspaper reports. READ  

Early ancestor's hands were 'human'

The hand structure of early human ancestors who lived 3.2 million years ago suggests they had the ability to grasp and use tools, even if they hadn't invented them yet, anthropologists said Thursday. READ  

Teen intent on suing Austria for bullying

A hearing has taken place into the case of a teenager from Vorarlberg who intends to sue the Austrian government for €21,000 because he was bullied at school and claims that his teachers failed to put a stop to it. READ  

Saudi School threatened with closure

Vienna’s School Board has threatened a controversial private Saudi School with closure by the end of the 2014/2015 school year, after it failed to provide the names of its director and teachers. READ  

Teacher sues pupil for tripping her up

An Austrian teacher is suing one of her pupils for €1,700, claiming that he tripped her up on purpose in the classroom, causing serious bruising, pain and suffering. READ  

Museum seeks moon rock crowd funding

The Natural History Museum in Vienna has turned to crowdfunding to buy a lunar meteorite with the idea that everyone can own a little bit of the moon. READ  

School magazine linked to porn quiz

The publishers of a student magazine that was distributed to children as young as ten in Baden are in trouble after it was found to feature provocative images of half-naked girls and a link to an Internet quiz containing pornographic content. READ  

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