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Carly Hulls is a 27-year-old Australian, who works for an online travel agency and is based in Vienna. She talked to The Local about what brought her to Austria.
Nick Schwarz, a 23-year-old from Portland, Oregon, is a reporter for the current affairs programme Reality Check, at FM4 radio in Vienna. The Local talked to him about why he came to Austria.
Juliana Rocha, 31-years-old, is a Brazilian freelance journalist now living in and working from Vienna. The Local talked to her about what she does, and why she came to Austria.
Stuart Colebrook, 35 years old, is an English designer and barkeeper now living and working in Vienna.
Ryoko Krivanec, 36-years-old, is a Brazilian Office Manager who has been living and working in Vienna for more than ten years. The Local talked to her about life and work in Austria.
Employment News
Got a foreign-sounding name? Your chances of getting a job in Austria just declined substantially, according to a report from the ORF.